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Cleanprofs Ltd UK Information
Mohamed Hassan Ayatollahy, owner of:
Holland:  Miec B.V., Miec Marketing B.V. and Cleanprofs B.V.

also has:
United Kingdom: Miec Ltd, Smarlet Ltd, Cleanprofs UK Ltd  (vanished during a employees row in 2013/14)  (vanished during a employees row in 2013/14)

Use Google translate and search this comp in Holland.

Incoporation 15 march 2015
Comp. nr.: 09488620

Registered Address
Knight Chadwick
Unit 1A Woodstock Studios
W12 8LE
United Kingdom

Trading Address
Unit 1A
Woodstock Studios
36 Woodstock Grove
W12 8LE

Employment Lawsuit Cleanprofs, Miec marketing, Marketing Impuls
Miec Marketing Arbeidszaak Aanmelden

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